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Teen Scene Parties

The ultimate benchmark for teen entertainment. Our events feature established musicians alongside emerging musicians from across the country. Mixing and blending the latest club hits, Underground classics, accompanied by exclusive live performances, this is truly not a night to be missed!

Our vision is for young people to experience high-quality, safe cultural events, which enable them to be inspired by and learn from their peers and elders. We have successfully improved social cohesion in Bradford and across the nation with our target audience. Everyone is welcome regardless of race, ethnicity, faith, culture, heritage, disability, or sexual orientation. We aim to leave our audience with a jaw-dropping experience that they will never forget.

Ultimately our aims are to develop the youth in the Bradford district and across the UK by bridging the gap between young creatives, freelancers, and other youth-based organisations. We enable and encourage young people to lead a positive and productive lifestyle both mentally and physically. We nurture and platform the musicians, creatives, producers, and audiences of tomorrow at each event. Our ambition is to mobilise a whole generation of young, talented, digitally native people and ensure they take the lead in shaping the future success of their district.   

Teen Scene Parties has provided safe and secure events to a segment of our community that has been forgotten. As an independent youth organisation Teen Scene Parties have completely broken the mould by providing highly anticipated events for the forgotten youth in our communities. We have now hosted 27 successful events and the feedback from our attendees, their parents and the community has been outstanding! We only intend on getting bigger and better, event after event.

parent perimeter 

We have a Parent Perimeter area at each event for parents who may need to assist teens with health or mobility issues and to give family members the opportunity to see their loved ones perform live on stage. For safeguarding purposes, family members will need to remain in the parent perimeter area. Our age limit is 13-17 but we will make exceptions for 12 year olds turning 13 if they are accompanied by a responsible adult who also need to purchase a ticket for entry. 


We're continuously working with the youth, their parents, the council, the youth service, and the local authorities to provide the best but safest events for the young people in our communities. 

our team 

The Teen scene team consists of credible youth workers, teachers, and parents from our community and they are present at each event alongside our SIA security team. The behind-the-scenes team consists of music engineers, digital artists, graphic designers, video editors, sound engineers, light engineers, promoters, photographers, videographers, drone operators, presenters, make-up artists, health and safety officers and stewards.

Unfortunately, our Instagram account was hacked and deleted at 12k followers. Please follow our new account at the bottom of this page. Thank you.



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